Food Review: After Dark Gü-Zillionaires’puds.

JpegJpegI have tried Gü’s other cheesecakes in the past so was naturally eager to try this zillionaire one. This time it was on offer 1/3 off at Waitrose at £2. There was salted caramel, mascarpone and ganache. It was yummy but the most dissatisfying layer was the biscuit at the bottom. It was just crumbly biscuit as separated as dry sand rather than the damp sand texture expected of a cheesecake. This was unsatisfying to spoon into because it was all cream cheese and treacle with no crunchy base to boot. Sweet and yummy? Yes. Indulgent, satisfying and rich. No! The inconsistent crumbly biscuit layer denies you of that plunging creamy ‘n’ crunchy togetherness. The verdict: 4/10.

Jpeg© 2015 Catherine Vaughan


Flower Power-Do it now!

Jpeg Jpeg♥ having fresh flowers in my home. I often have these sunshine yellow roses in my room, they are from Waitrose, £3. They last (from my experience) up to 7 days. A percentage of the proceeds goes to the Waitrose Foundation Kenya.  Yay!

Go treat yourself maybe once a month and feel the vibrant difference a bunch of roses can make to your home.

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