Annie Jaffrey looks so #beautiful:

I had to share! This blue metallic eye shadow is perfect for her– so stunning! 😘 😘 💋 💋


Brilliant Hand creams for Eczema:


As you can see my skin has areas of very mild eczema. The redness is due to the fact that As you can see my skin has areas of dry, flaky and red skin i.e. very mild eczema. The redness is due to the fact that yesterday I was cleaning and dusting my room which brings about a redness to my skin. 😦 Here are the two hand creams I use to manage dryness and prevent fare ups. (In the past I have had really bad bouts of it with deep cracks in the knuckles where the skin splits and it is as painful as it sounds!) This usually happens during the cold british winters and come spring and summer my skin gets dramatically better so these creams I am about to mention are for maintenance during the warmer seasons. In winter I use (sparingly) a doctor prescribed steroid cream: betnovate. JpegNeutrogena’s “Norwegian Formula Concentrated unscented” hand cream. If you have eczema or sensitive skin/other skin issues then buy unscented! This is a palm-sized 50ml priced at £3.69 from Boots. I use a 5p sized dollop all over hands and wrist on a daily basis x2-3 times a day.

The other cream is “Epaderm 2in1 emoillent and skin cleanser cream” 50g £3.49. I like to alternate between hand cream  usage e.g. a fortnight using Neutragena and a week on Epaderm. I find it keeps my skin guessing and the effects optimum. Both creams can easily be purchased in Boots and UK supermarkets. I hope this helps you with your skin queries.

UPDATE: My tips on healing eczema are found in my book.


Perfume review: Juicy Couture’s eponymous fragrance: “Juicy Couture.”

JpegI have owned this eau du parfum for 5 years and it has maintained the same scent throughout all those years without losing its freshness. Incredible! This is the 50ml which retails at £45. It comes with a little brown bracelet (wrapped around the audacious jewel-like lid.) It smells as pretty as it looks. Notably it is a warmer and heavier scent most suitable for chilly autumn walks home. Although the first hit of scent is of fresh watermelon and apple (among others), the Marigold, Vanilla and Tuberose give it a richer, thicker and mature linger. It is a pretty keepsake perfume to transition from adolescence to adult. I must confess it is not one I like to use often because it is too heavy and potent.

Jpeg In conclusion this rates at 5/10 because this is only desirable to perfume lovers of warm, musky notes whereas fresh, light notes delight my nose! Though we can all agree the bottle is utterly lovely!