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Introducing Herefordshire Writers

Herefordshire Writers is a multi-platform digital literary network to showcase Herefordshire born or based Authors, Poets, Writers, Publishers, Bloggers and Digital Content Makers.

catherine-quadrant-no-spaceAs a Writer living in this county I wanted to find a way to connect with other people in this field. I couldn’t find a network in place so I started one. It just made so much sense as I feel our county is a literary treasure as we have wonderful annual events such as Hay Festival and Ledbury Poetry Festival on our doorstep. Plus, it would be a way to make friends and connections as writing is a such a solitary process and I’ve met some really lovely and talented people through this site. I feel is a unifying presence to embrace and highlight our literary roots. I’d been blogging for two years on so I have harnessed the self-taught skills I’d learned to design and run a website and poured it into a new site to serve the literary community of my hometown and its neighboring towns and villages.        is an online platform to showcase authors, poets, writers and digital content makers plus publishers that are born, based or connected to Herefordshire. Each month there is one new article with an interview of a featured writer. Be sure to check out this month’s feature on our Poet in Residence for 2015-2016 Adam Horovitz plus previous articles like the one about our Leominster based Screenwriter Elisaveta Abrahall adapting Wuthering Heights to the big screen!

The hopes of this project is to inform residents of our county of the creative literary folk we have, establish a digital footprint of our writers plus create a multi-layered pool of connectivity, inspiration and guidance for aspiring writers living here. We can only do this if you get on board and visit the site (plus tell friends, family and workmates!) Be sure to like its accompanying Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter!

Something is changing in Hereford… There is a blossoming and distinctive Bohemian scene being carved out that is attracting and nurturing artisanal tastes and creative minds and is your online curated guide of local literary talent: visit the site today!

Details on how to get featured

As it is a monthly site with one article published per month slots fill up fast. If you are a Writer our county then send a message to Catherine on, giving a brief bio plus web links to your work. Next available slots are from January 2017. Join the Facebook Group to stay up to date.

If you are selected, you simply need to fill out a Q&A form via email.

Notably “Writers” INCLUDE: • Bloggers • Digital Content Makers • Editors • Copywriters • Journalists • Infopreneurs • Critics/Reviewers • Ghost Writers • Press Agents • Short Story Writers • Technical Writers • Script Doctors • Copy Editors • Literary Editors • Screenwriters • Playwrights • Hack Writers


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Cyber Security

Social media gives criminals a blueprint into your life.


In light of Kim Kardashian’s horrific ordeal and theft at gun point potentially due to her incessant use of social media, I felt the need to discuss how harmful brazen uploads of your life can be on these sites. The problem remains that sharing such info can essentially give the sneaky and corrupt more insight on how to scam the innocent but social media must be questioned and not undermined.

In many ways, the ‘specialists’ who targeted Kardashian have never had it so good. There were immediate and predictable claims of an inside job, but today’s professional criminals can glean all they need via social media and computer hacking. They don’t need to befriend and/or blackmail anyone. – Wensley Clarkson (The Telegraph)

When suspicious activity is detected on your bank card the bank will ask you to confirm your most recently spend items. Criminals could possibly bypass this. Suppose you ‘instagrammed’ your recent spends innocently by tagging yourself at a Starbucks, showing off a new dress you bought and geo-tagged that you are out of town. Therein lies a plethora of information for criminals to use and pretend to be you! Of course the security questions are usually a sufficient means of protection, but you can see how much privacy you are breaching of your own bank account by simple photo uploads.

Also from my own basic and free to use web traffic stats monitor I can get info on the city, time of viewing plus the operating system of each person that views my website. Freaky. Also it can identify the site viewers web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Safari etc. Notably Chrome users have the options to have their username and passwords saved for each site… You catch my drift. Though stats are not always 100% accurate and may not track every visitor nor accurately identify the city, it can still recognize viewers from search engine sites that are supposedly ‘incognito.’ Scary stuff!

From experience I’ve learned to not post reviews of items I’ve recently purchased and most importantly do not review items such as your mobile, laptop, PC or tablet device as it gives potential hackers too much information to get into your system.

Social media and the web are fantastic tools but like most things in life they are a double edged sword, so beware guys.

New York Times article on the topic: “A New Era of Internet Attacks Powered by Everyday Devices”


John Mayer has a laundry detergent by The Laundress!


Laundry is to me…
The other half of being into clothes. If you’re really into cars, you get under the hood. If you’re really into clothes, you care for them yourself. – Mr Mayer

I am NOT making this up.

John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent. John Mayer has a laundry detergent.

But in all seriousness maybe he has a point. Truthfully when shopping for new clothes I meticulously opt for fabric over looks. If it has to be dry-cleaned I am simply NOT buying it period: too much maintenance!

Fabric care has gotta be the missing step to you mastering domestic bliss.

Funnily enough it was only last month that I shared -in my opinion an awesome- little infographic on fabric care. If The Mayerness is making fabric care cool I’m all on board, although I was secretly obsessed before this celebrity detergent launch. What can I say, I’m an ironing freak, everything in my wardrobe is clean and ironed otherwise it does not enter the wardrobe…. And I secretly want to be as domesticated as Anthea Turner AND Martha Stewart way too much! Heck no- like a Stepford Housewife! Lord knows laundry could be chic. Truth be told I take far more pride in fulfilling domestic duties these days it’s the only thing that comes even close to giving me an emotional ROI…

screenshot294aShop Now! 



My Past Used To Control Me

Soulja 4 Christ


I really use to let my past control me. My past reflections controlled how I responded to rejection as well other circumstances, but I’m here today to tell you that Christ can erase that past hurt and heal you. He has for me, it’s definitely a process while some become healed over night, but for most it’s a process. The devil will try to remind you of your past and try to suck you back into the rabbit hole, but you don’t have to fall for the trap because God has forgiven you! The next time the devil brings up your past, bring up his future. Through Christ our future is bright, but for the devil it’s doomed.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Revelation 20:10
And the devil who had…

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Marches Hour: Getting your business noticed in Herefordshire and neighboring counties

Marches Hour is a website and Twitter platform for businesses, entrepreneurs and third party organisations based in Powys, Monmouthshire, Shropshire, Ludlow, Presteigne, Shrewsbury, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. By using #MarchesHour on your tweets you can enter the chance to have it retweeted by @MarchesHour which will then expose your tweet to this specific geographical location. It’s a tool to connect local businesses to each other.

Screenshot (260)

Screenshot (259)

There are occasional meet-ups to network, meet new people and highlight your business. Meet ups are posted on; and of course on Twitter @MarchesHour. Its aim is to get your business noticed!

#MarchesHour at the Café is a free, informal networking for small businesses, organisations, charities and individuals in and around Hereford. It offers followers of #MarchesHour the opportunity to extend their interaction beyond the limiting 140 characters allowed by Twitter, to a more personal face-to- face interaction.

You can use #MarchesHour at the café as a platform for a new product launch or to announce a community event. You can also get to know the faces behind Herefordshire twitter accounts you follow or those that follow you at a #MarchesHour @ the café event.


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#Repost Hereford Indie Food Festival Highlights from

HFD Indie Food Leafy sign

As a Herefordshire Writer I feel one of the best features of this county is our food! We have so many great cafes and restauarants to choose from and it’s guaranteed to release the glutton in you. This Bank Holiday we had the pleasure of a foodie frenzy weekend by way of Hereford Indie Food Festival! This Festival celebrates Hereford’s Independent food culture and is formed by the team behind “A Rule of Tum” Jon Stead, Edwin and Dorian Kirk.

Hereford Indie Food is a community driven project celebrating the independent food scene, chefs, producers + makers in Herefordshire.

Welcome gate

The Line-Up

Makers Market

Makers Stall

The Maker Markets lined the festival en route to the street food stalls. Visit to read more about some of the artists and designers showcasing their work. It’s such a lovely chance to get to know creatives in our county many of whom studied at Hereford College of Arts. 

Some Makers at the Festival:

Field & Found    |    Joel Black Knives    |    Steve Meeks Ceramics    |    Halfkey Clothing    |    Bardot Living    |    Sin Eaters Illustrations


Offa Cider    |    Method Coffee |   Chase Distillery



Queues abounded on The Shack Revolution’s pop-up cocktail stall. Many of you will be familiar with brothers James & Rich Manning who started The Shack Revolution bar located in Bastion mews. Their farm-made boutique and bespoke bars pop up everywhere around the country from Weddings, corporate events and even Wembley Stadium and football clubs! They also provided some live acts via their Shackoustic Sundays spot attached to their drinks booth.

DSC_1324 a

Next time you’re on a night out in Hereford, visit their bar for pizza, beer or cocktails!

Coffee & Cafe stalls

The festival culminates into a Bohemian foray beginning with Makers Market stalls upon entry. Then as in a restaurant you are tempted with a starter: some nibbles (Goat’s cheese from Neal Yard’s Creamery?) and drinks from cider to cocktails. Finally you make your way through the leafy archway into the street food arena….

Leafy archway

Haystack seating

There’s plenty of seating for all the family from haystacks to sofas!

Union Jack couch

Keg & Cork Bar

The outdoor dining areas had a wonderful communal feel and many visitors from outside our county had come over for Bank Holiday weekend.

I really wished I’d gotten The Chefs supper tickets at the Bookshop. Also I didn’t get around to staying on into the night so missed the music acts!


Farmer Tom Jones    |    Noble & Wild    |    The Waffle Lion    |    The Bookshop    |    A Rule of Tum    |    Jake’s Cured Meats    |   The Beefy Boys    |    Neal Yard’s Creamery

Screenshot(267) a

King Street Kitchen Team

As I have such a sweet tooth my first stop was at the King Street Kitchen stall where I purchased a salted pistachio brownie (made with coconut flour) and tried the gigantic chocolate, caramel and pretzel cake which was divine!

The Beefy Boys Stall

It was absolutely jam-packed and the unusually rainy weather couldn’t deter us from this gourmet gathering. All in all an excellently executed collection of music, food, fresh produce and creativity. It was a pleasure to be in attendance this year and I look forward to returning again next year!

Spectacular Wall of Flowers on display by The Great British Florist

How delightful are these flowers carefully arranged by The Great British Florist? This particular florist is based on a farm in the Duchy Estate in Herefordshire.

Did you know….

At the moment only 10% of the flowers sold in Britain are actually grown here. Please join us in our mission to change all that. Good for humans and fantastic for wildlife, British Flowers are fresh, scented, natural and sustainable… -The Great British Florist team

Show your support by buying your next lot of flowers at

The team also facilitate The Great British Florist Flower School. From single workshops to a series of workshops you can dabble your green fingers in their courses!

Wall of flowers made by The Great British Florist

The article was originally posted on found here.

More photos of the Festival here.

Read more about Edwin Kirk, Jon Stead and Dorian Kirk on Herefordshire Live here.

For Full Listings of businesses, bars, cafes, makers, street food and live acts on show over weekend 27th-28th August 2016 visit plus check out their magazine: Hereford Indie Food’s Magazine (Vol. 1) here.
Twitter: @HerefordFood
Facebook: /HerefordFood
Twitter: @aruleoftum
Facebook: /aruleoftum
Instagram: @aruleoftum

Why I love Solo Travel

Charlotte Fox

I think solo travel is probably the best gift you could ever give to yourself. And it still surprises me when I receive mixed reactions when someone asks me, “Who are you going with?” “Oh, just me”. I’ve heard it all but I think as you get older, the more self assurance you have, the less you have to explain yourself. It’s just what I enjoy doing. 🙂 Simple as that. It’s not for everybody and that’s fine.

Realistically, all my favorite travel buddies may not have the budget or the time to go away. Of course, I love sharing experiences with others and it would be wonderful to have a friend come along. I also don’t think you should not go on trips when given the opportunity just because other people aren’t available to join. Life is too short to miss out on these precious experiences. As much as I…

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