Fodder Opens Promising New Bodycare & Wellbeing Venture in Hereford’s Charming Independent Quarter

Hereford City Centric Retail & Culture Blog

The arrival of the new Body Fodderin Hereford city centre’s Church Street Independent Quarterdemonstrates a rise in the demand for environmentally friendly beauty products, and also growth in the apothecary approach to the wellbeing market.

This is certainly not a new idea, but with social media pumping out information warning us about parabens and over the counter products that are laden with unnecessary preservatives that do more harm than good, and a growing number of earth and vegan-friendly businesses developing an innumerable variety of organic wellbeing ranges that have been tried, tested and proven to work, the industry has found its footing in a big way.

Body Fodder is the extension of the city’s local independent organic food grocer,Fodders, who have accrued quite a loyal following. Their competitive prices and knowledgeable, warm customer service standards extend to the new business venture located just across the…

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New Years Resolution Goals- Update April 2017

White Nikes close up


Only did the x4min Tabata workout x5 times in this entire 90 day period: 03/01, 06/01, 10/01, 12/01. 29/03 By mid January I fell ill with a really bad flu for two weeks did not workout out at all. I really hated this HIIT mini workout and I just didn’t take to it even though it’s the most beneficial type of workout as my main focus is fat loss and it’s easy requiring no equipment.

From 12th Jan – 16th March there was an x8 week period where I did not workout out at all. Then on Thursday 16th March 2017 after some devastating family news I needed an escape so I just went for a jog. I’m someone that hates working out so it took some pretty dire circumstances for jogging to become an option of action.

Britney Abs set:

Based on the workout Britney did back in circa 2002-2003 as seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show

  1. Leg raises
  2. Vertical leg Crunches
  3. Oblique Crunches
  4. Ab Pulse Ups
  5. Side Oblique Crunches

(I’m no fitness expert but I’m pretty sure these are the names of the various ab workouts Britney does in the featured video. If these are not the correct names then please inform me in the comments box below.)

At the moment I only do x10 of each and only x1 set.

1/2 mile jog plus 1 1/2 mile walk, Britney abs set.

3/4 mile job 1 1/4 mile walk, ab set, x50 squats

x50 squats

Jogged 1 whole mile. Yay!

x25 squats

x1 mile jog

x25 squats

x1 mile jog, x50 squats

This is how my current fitness routine is looking and I’m slowly building it up incrementally. I was quite surprised I didn’t stick to the Tabata workout as my whole intention was to make fitness take the least amount of time possible whereas now I’m working out longer than originally planned.

I think the two biggest lessons learned is that at anytime you can get back on the fitness train as it were (note the 2 month gap between workouts.) My biggest mindset shift was steering exercise away from it being a ’90-day challenge’ to a lifetime commitment meaning I would inevitably have to pick it up because it is unhealthy to go without it for so long.  Whereas previously exercise was only a short-term fix/goal for me I now see it as something I have to do weekly even if it’s only x1 a week. Consistency and long-term commitment to this area of health was something I  lacked before. Now I feel married to it and that’s a big mindset shift.

Being outdoors to workout is an incentive and has struck a chord. Though I don’t actually seem to get an ‘endorphin lift’ after exercising which is a shame.

dream kitchen

Learning to cook:

This has been surprisingly the easiest goal to complete and I’ve stuck with it having so far learned three delicious recipes: Macaroni cheese, Chicken soup and Salmon Teriyaki with broccoli stir-fry. I also repeat the previous month’s recipes and it’s been my most successful goal thus far.

my macaroni

teriyaki salmon







typing on Mac

Writing my novel:

I didn’t stick to the original routine of write on Tuesdays then research and edit on Fridays at all. This was the hardest goal as it takes a lot of mental focus and is a very taxing ordeal.

Each time I did sit to write I managed to reach around 1,000 words.
Jan- 31/01: 1,091
Feb- 01/02: 476; 02/02: 1,042; 03/02: 572; 15/02: 1,199; 17/02: 1,175
March- 0 words written.

Biggest Lessons Learned:

  • You can pick up any goal no matter how fast you gave up or how long the absence from it.
  • Each new day is an opportunity to clean the slate and feel as fresh and inspiring as January 1st.
  • It  A L L  takes hard-work, dedication, patience, discipline and learning better methods of implementation.
  • Long-term focus and patience are the most important targets. You have to be married to the things you want and do.


Next review date: Saturday July 1st 2017


I have an orange journal to note what types of workouts I’m doing, what I eat etc. The biggest accomplishment of all these goals is writing, monitoring and reviewing my life as it gives you perspective on things and helps me understand what is effective, what isn’t and I hope it’s a helpful guide and feedback tool for fellow readers trying to accomplish similar goals.

Writing this down is a lot of hard work in and of itself but that’s another significant lesson I’ve learned about life in general is that it ALL takes a lot of hard-work, dedication, discipline and continuous learning to be healthy, physically fit or just keeping your home tidy.

The Next 90-days Goals:

April Goal: Complete entire Beginner’s 10-day “Get Talking Indonesian” course on weekday nights: 3rd-7th April and 10th-14th April.

Learn more recipes: April: Carrot soup; May: Lasagna; June: Mediterranean Fish & Couscous

Fulfill the original plan of my writing.

Build up my fitness and consistently workout x3 a week. (Any form of aerobic exercise will do plus calisthenics.)




Charity Marathon- Show your support for Hope Springs and Temi!

Help a poor developing community in Africa get access to clean water

Did you know there is a Herefordshire based non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing access to clean drinking water? In some parts of Africa, there are small children walking hours everyday to get water. That’s why Hope Spring was set up to help combat this daily plight.

To raise more funds for this not-for-profit organisation there’s a  charity marathon that Temi Odurinde will run in Barcelona to drum up donations for this charity. Read details of it here.



Hope Spring helps developing communities in Africa access safe, clean water. Lack of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation in developing communities is one of the major killers of children under 5 years of age. In collaboration with the beneficiary community, they dig wells or boreholes.


A message from Temi

“I am running Barcelona Marathon on March the 12th, 2017 to raise money for Hope Spring, a great charity that helps poor communities in Africa access clean drinking water.   I could use big impressive statistics to back up the reasons I am raising money for a water charity, but I will not.  I will just share a story from one of the past beneficiaries of Hope Spring water project called Amuda. 

Amuda is 8 years old. Each morning, she must wake up early, take a plastic container and walk 2 miles to the nearest well. She joins a long queue. When it is eventually her turn, she collect about 10kg of water into her plastic container, carry it on her head, and head back home.”

Learn more about this charity by visiting
 w w w . H o p e S p r i n g . o r g . u k 

F a c e b o o k : @HopeSpringWater
T w i t t e r   : @HopeSpringH20

The Donation Page is found here

About Temi:

Temi is passionate about the environment. In his day job, he works as a consultant on various sustainability projects. Some of his spare time is spent volunteering on sustainable development advocacy projects. –

Odurinde also runs Marches Hour a Twitter networking platform for people, businesses and organisations based in:

Herefordshire    Worcestershire    Shropshire    Shrewsbury    Ludlow    Powys Presteigne   Monmouthshire

Please Give a Donation Today here
Read  Hope Spring’s blog too!

How to hygge…

the hygge project

So you have heard about the new Danish craze that is hygge (HOO-gah) (and if you haven’t heard of it, refer to this post).

Perhaps you grasp that it is cozy, but give me an example, you ask…besides fresh mugs of coffee and crackling fireplaces…

How does one hygge?


Hygge is a subjective term, and different for everyone. In my humblest opinion, hygge boils down to simple pleasures that bring you joy.

Create a pleasant environment: you don’t have to live in Scandinavia to cozy it up like the Danes; here are some of my favorite ways to hygge at home, no matter where I am:

  • Light a candle (specifically in an earthy scent like pine or vanilla, or even better, scents that smell like baked goods)
  • No overhead lights, use warm, cozy lighting like lamps and string lights
  • Play music, often. One of my favorite things to…

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2017 New Years Goals: Fitness, Learning to Cook, finish a Grand Project i.e. my debut novel

Dear Readers,

I am going to share my New Year’s Resolution and the ways I shall effectively execute them.


Given that in 2016 I managed sans plans/friends/connections and a whole lot of depression and anxiety launched a literary career, had a (fleeting) Amazon No.1 and performed at a major British Literature Festival I figure I must have some kind of knack to Get Things Done.

2017 is the year I finally get around to accomplishing the mundane goals, which I’ve not yet fully consistently committed to.

The Goals:

  • Establish and commit to a x3 days weekly fitness routine
  • Learn to cook
  • Complete the 1st draft of my novel.

How I will accomplish this:

Review date: 1st April 2017. Therefore goals are to be ‘run’ for 3 months/90 days.


  • Do the Tabata Workout x3 days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
    – In the mornings.
    – After April 2017 double this workout but continue only x3 days a week.

It will begin as only a 4-minute, high-intensity workout from now until April 1st 2017.


  • Using a mix between recipes found in Sam Stern’s student cookbook, my Mother’s recipes, other cookbooks and BBC Good Food recipes. Learn one new recipe per month.
  • January = Macaroni Cheese  ||  February = Chicken soup  ||  March = Carrot soup
    – Cook the dish only twice a month, then move onto the next assigned recipe for that certain month.

My Novel:

  • Write one hour a week
    – High focus, content driven writing on my novel. No note-taking just plot writing. If I get stuck/suffer writer’s block I simply move on and write in another chapter or edit written work.
    Tuesdays 6pm work on writing novel
  • Review material, research plot gaps for one hour
    Fridays 6pm work on rereading manuscript and doing extra research on passages marked TK.

The secret to these goals is to keep them as simple and small as possible so that I can actually consistently commit to them because implementing these accomplishments is a necessity. Also by having them take minimal time I can easily over-deliver on each task and gain small wins as a confidence boost.

Additionally I shall counter-intuitively reduce my blogging commitments.

This Lifestyle blog: will not have a set blogging schedule. This will be my ad-hoc blog. Namely blog posts will definitely be posted early April to see how I have come along with my New Year’s Resolutions, to see which goals I’ve stuck with analyse what has worked and hasn’t worked. Any inspiring ideas or disappointments will be posted online.

My Arts & Culture blog will have only x1 article posted on the 15th of each month and a once a season Bohemian selection. remains a once monthly article editorial. (Writing plans remain the same.)


2016: The Year Hereford Culture Blossomed

A 2016 Highlight of Herefordshire Culture. Thank you Michelle of

Hereford City Centric Retail & Culture Blog

“The scene is starting to settle now (in a nice way). People are beginning to ask what music is on this coming weekend, rather than ‘Is there anything on?’ which is a massive change and a great reflection on the venues, the quality of the acts and the local promoters who have taken the risk in time and money to have a go this year. 2017 I hope will continue with that support from music lovers. I also hope people will take the plunge more and go to see acts they’ve not heard of before. After all, live music is a great night out whether or not you can sing along” – The Underground Revolution Music Director, Rich Lovell

From the day I set foot on Hereford turf I felt a special magnetism to its quiet green fields, open air city centre unobstructed by big heavy concrete monsters you find…

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Strive to Organize

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, drained and stressed while you are in your home, you need to seriously evaluate your space.

Ideally, your home should be a place to relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones. Your very own oasis!

If “stuff” has taken over, and you can’t take it anymore, here are a few tips to help YOU take back control over your space.

  1. Start with one room or a small area. Take a look at your space and try to envision how you really want it to look. We often think we need to buy new things to create the space we desire, but really we just need to get rid of the things that we no longer have use for. Try to picture your space clutter-free and use that as your motivation to get you going.
  2. Give yourself a good amount of time to get in…

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A New Style for 2017


So last night I just randomly decided to change the entire design and style of my lifestyle blog

This choice has been determined by my recent foraying back into the blogs I enjoyed back in the day. On my gap Year in 2009 and in my first year of University I was dipping into to blogs by Leo Babauta, Tim Ferriss and Cal Newport. I became frustrated as well as deeply affected by the horrid things that had been going on in my life since my teens and needed a new outlook on life, a vision of how life could be. I was insatiably materialistic with a huge propensity to excess (in attitude and habit) in those days and knew it was not the way to be. The bloggers and writers mentioned above are somewhat collectively LifeHackers, a term fellow British readers may not be too familiar with as life-hacking techniques are not particularly present in our culture. It’s a very American concept and one that I didn’t realize I had been doing since my teen years before I discovered these online writers.

I felt the need for transformation on my blogs. Things had been brewing for a while. I had successfully updated, revitalized and changed the entire layout of my arts blog and now it was time for my namesake Lifestyle blog to get the same treatment.

This former website design and aesthetic is simply too much. Too colourful, too bold. It’s crowded and distracted. It’s time for change. Time for simplicity. Time to pare things down to the bare essentials.


It reflects the old me that had to be bold and striking but now I’m fed up of that approach and crave simplicity and spareness, even boringness.


I want to go back to the roots of my reading and writing style. Previously I thought my obsession with efficiency and discipline would reduce my artsy credibility so to speak, but then I realized that firstly those qualities shape me and enable me to find pieces of success in the arts field and secondly fellow admirers of productivity tips are actually quite Bohemian. The likes of Ferriss, Babauta and Newport are often contrarian in their views. They’re non-conformist types. If anything efficiency and productivity are non-conformist traits because there’s so little presence of it in daily conventional life despite it being necessary for a functional life.

I was watching an interview with blogger Leo and blogger Tim and realizing these guys are the Zen Bohemians that Laren Stover writes about in her book The Bohemian Manifesto.

Something else I’ve also had to accept in life is that these kinds of people are basically the top in their field and that such discussions in the video just do not happen in real life, sadly. It’s not a typical topic of discussion at all… Though it seems quite natural to me….

I no longer have to choose either side as both sides of myself the artistic, romantic and sensitive dreamer can work in unison with my detail-orientated, productivity-seeking and perfectionist tendencies.

I’m glad I’m embracing this side of myself again and also discussing such writers because they’ve been so influential on my life and are cumulatively a supreme bank of knowledge. I hope maybe some readers of this blog will check out these incredible writers mentioned on this post:

Tim Ferriss
His books, USA Link:
UK Link:

Cal Newport
His books, USA Link:
UK Link:

Leo Babauta
His books, USA Link:
UK Link:

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