New Years Resolution Goals- Update April 2017

White Nikes close up


Only did the x4min Tabata workout x5 times in this entire 90 day period: 03/01, 06/01, 10/01, 12/01. 29/03 By mid January I fell ill with a really bad flu for two weeks did not workout out at all. I really hated this HIIT mini workout and I just didn’t take to it even though it’s the most beneficial type of workout as my main focus is fat loss and it’s easy requiring no equipment.

From 12th Jan – 16th March there was an x8 week period where I did not workout out at all. Then on Thursday 16th March 2017 after some devastating family news I needed an escape so I just went for a jog. I’m someone that hates working out so it took some pretty dire circumstances for jogging to become an option of action.

Britney Abs set:

Based on the workout Britney did back in circa 2002-2003 as seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show

  1. Leg raises
  2. Vertical leg Crunches
  3. Oblique Crunches
  4. Ab Pulse Ups
  5. Side Oblique Crunches

(I’m no fitness expert but I’m pretty sure these are the names of the various ab workouts Britney does in the featured video. If these are not the correct names then please inform me in the comments box below.)

At the moment I only do x10 of each and only x1 set.

1/2 mile jog plus 1 1/2 mile walk, Britney abs set.

3/4 mile job 1 1/4 mile walk, ab set, x50 squats

x50 squats

Jogged 1 whole mile. Yay!

x25 squats

x1 mile jog

x25 squats

x1 mile jog, x50 squats

This is how my current fitness routine is looking and I’m slowly building it up incrementally. I was quite surprised I didn’t stick to the Tabata workout as my whole intention was to make fitness take the least amount of time possible whereas now I’m working out longer than originally planned.

I think the two biggest lessons learned is that at anytime you can get back on the fitness train as it were (note the 2 month gap between workouts.) My biggest mindset shift was steering exercise away from it being a ’90-day challenge’ to a lifetime commitment meaning I would inevitably have to pick it up because it is unhealthy to go without it for so long.  Whereas previously exercise was only a short-term fix/goal for me I now see it as something I have to do weekly even if it’s only x1 a week. Consistency and long-term commitment to this area of health was something I  lacked before. Now I feel married to it and that’s a big mindset shift.

Being outdoors to workout is an incentive and has struck a chord. Though I don’t actually seem to get an ‘endorphin lift’ after exercising which is a shame.

dream kitchen

Learning to cook:

This has been surprisingly the easiest goal to complete and I’ve stuck with it having so far learned three delicious recipes: Macaroni cheese, Chicken soup and Salmon Teriyaki with broccoli stir-fry. I also repeat the previous month’s recipes and it’s been my most successful goal thus far.

my macaroni

teriyaki salmon







typing on Mac

Writing my novel:

I didn’t stick to the original routine of write on Tuesdays then research and edit on Fridays at all. This was the hardest goal as it takes a lot of mental focus and is a very taxing ordeal.

Each time I did sit to write I managed to reach around 1,000 words.
Jan- 31/01: 1,091
Feb- 01/02: 476; 02/02: 1,042; 03/02: 572; 15/02: 1,199; 17/02: 1,175
March- 0 words written.

Biggest Lessons Learned:

  • You can pick up any goal no matter how fast you gave up or how long the absence from it.
  • Each new day is an opportunity to clean the slate and feel as fresh and inspiring as January 1st.
  • It  A L L  takes hard-work, dedication, patience, discipline and learning better methods of implementation.
  • Long-term focus and patience are the most important targets. You have to be married to the things you want and do.


Next review date: Saturday July 1st 2017


I have an orange journal to note what types of workouts I’m doing, what I eat etc. The biggest accomplishment of all these goals is writing, monitoring and reviewing my life as it gives you perspective on things and helps me understand what is effective, what isn’t and I hope it’s a helpful guide and feedback tool for fellow readers trying to accomplish similar goals.

Writing this down is a lot of hard work in and of itself but that’s another significant lesson I’ve learned about life in general is that it ALL takes a lot of hard-work, dedication, discipline and continuous learning to be healthy, physically fit or just keeping your home tidy.

The Next 90-days Goals:

April Goal: Complete entire Beginner’s 10-day “Get Talking Indonesian” course on weekday nights: 3rd-7th April and 10th-14th April.

Learn more recipes: April: Carrot soup; May: Lasagna; June: Mediterranean Fish & Couscous

Fulfill the original plan of my writing.

Build up my fitness and consistently workout x3 a week. (Any form of aerobic exercise will do plus calisthenics.)





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