Lovely Leisurely Lunch!

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JpegJpegJpegIt was a beautiful and bright Spring day here in my hometown and I popped into M & S for lunch. Their count on us range chargrilled chicken with basil dressing and prawn cocktails crisps are my usual picks for lunch and today I tried the coconut water that M & S have added to their food hall. no complaints with the lunch food! 🙂 JpegI have finished reading the Paul Theroux book so a review will soon be on my Youtube Channel: Catherine Vaughan.
JpegJpegThat’s Sir Edward Elgar (an English Composer) behind me. JpegJpeg

I overheard these kids go on about how boring and old it was inside “that church.” It’s a Cathedral for goodness sake!

n the Classical music shop “The Outback” amongst the CD’s and audiobooks there is an impressive collection of cards for sale all divine and artistic. When I encounter a beautiful card…

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